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"God Is Able"
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Welcome to the cyber home of Knightridge Pentecostal Church in Bloomington, Indiana.  Our ministry is not the typical stereotype image of a denominal church.  Years ago Pastor Rhodes received a prophetic proclamation from a visiting African bishop that Knightridge would have the ministry of deliverance.  Does this mean the demon casting out stuff accompanied with green puke?  Well, we have seen that happen on occasion.  Actually, the ministry is about the powerful life changing experience that transforms a low-life sinner into a saint of the most high God.  The world and unfortunately a few churches write off many people as being hopeless.  But what does God say in his Word? The expectation is that God can make a miracle happen at any time.  We've seen people healed, raised from the dead, and delivered from various sin addictions.  So often we hear people say, "You never know (what will happen) at Knightridge!"  

Knightridge Pentecostal Church
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